YOW! Conference Sydney

Lessons learned building Kubernetes controllers

Dave Cheney

In this talk I’ll discuss my experiences building Kubernetes controllers using as a case study Contour, a new Kubernetes Ingress controller, that I’ve been working on since joining Heptio. This presentation will cover: What an ingress controller is and what role it plays in a Kubernetes cluster. Why Heptio chose Lyft’s Envoy proxy as the data plane for our ingress controller. How Contour works as a translator from Kubernetes to Envoy. [Read More]

GDG DevFest 2018, Melbourne

Addressing the limitations of Kubernetes' Ingress object

Dave Cheney

The Kubernetes Ingress object has a number of limitations which over the years have been papered over with annotations. Contour, the Ingress controller my team at Heptio are building, recently introduced a new Ingress object which addresses the existing limitations and unlocks the ability for teams and operators to have more control over ingress deployments in multi team and multi tenant scenarios. In this short talk I’ll explain the limitations of the current ingress object and how our new Ingress object addresses those shortcomings while making it possible for multiple teams to collaborate and delegate responsibility using various routing patterns and strategies that our new Ingress object makes possible. [Read More]