Using the Cluster API to Deploy Clusters

Cluster API

Deploying and managing kubernetes clusters has a reputation filled with stress and headaches. On top of this, there are dozens of tools, APIs and services available to use but they don’t all interoperate. Some tools work best with on prem while others works best with a specific public cloud.

The Cluster API is a new project bringing in members from many of these well-known tools and members from both public clouds and on-prem infrastructure software providers. The goal is to create a common declarative, kubernetes-style API, tools, and best practices that can be used to create day-zero solutions for deploying kubernetes to multiple platforms. Come learn about the goals of this project and see a demo of it in use in both on-prem and in a public cloud.


The presenters

Loc Nguyen Vmware Staff II Engineer Loc Nguyen has been working in the container space for the last 5 years. He helped build a custom orchestrator at his previously company, and in the last 3 years, helped build Vmware’s vSphere Integrated Containers product. VIC, as it is known, is a docker API compatible container runtime that uses VM as the isolation unit. He is now involved with Vmware’s kubernetes OSS work, one area being cluster lifecycle. He lives and works in San Francisco and spends his free time traveling the world and trying out new cuisines.

Kris Nova Heptio Senior Developer Advocate Seattle Kris Nova is a senior developer advocate at Heptio focusing on containers, infrastructure, and Kubernetes. Kris is also an ambassador for the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. Previously, she was a developer advocate and an engineer on Kubernetes in Azure at Microsoft. Kris has a deep technical background in the Go programming language and has authored many successful tools in Go. She is a Kubernetes maintainer and the creator of kubicorn, a successful Kubernetes infrastructure management tool. Kris organizes a special interest group in Kubernetes and is a leader in the community. She understands the grievances with running cloud-native infrastructure via a distributed cloud-native application and recently authored an O’Reilly book on the topic, Cloud Native Infrastructure. Kris lives in Seattle and spends her free time mountaineering and rock climbing.